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Doing psychological research with police: A chat with Lorraine Hope

Will and Timothy are joined by guest Dr. Lorraine Hope, for a chat about doing research with the police. In this chat format, we gather regular authors and guests in Slack and have a moderated conversation, guided by prompts and questions selected in advance. Participants get to respond to each other's points, make comments, and ask each other questions in real-time. The transcript has been lightly edited. Will Crozier &#x1F419 Welcome to another ExE chat! Today we’re happy to be joined by Dr. Lorraine Hope to talk about her research. Lorraine is a psychology professor at University of Portsmouth in the UK, and does quite a wide range of psych law research. Most relevant to our chat today, she’s done work with police officers in the UK – both improving their practices, as well as conducting research. So really taking some of the research we talk about on this blog, and applying it to real world situations to see if it works. Lorraine, thanks for joining us